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Restaurant of the Month....Chaophraya

Named after Thailand’s main river which runs through Bangkok and into the Gulf of Thailand, Chaophraya has set out to bring its ethos ‘From the Heart’ to the Scottish capital and take Dusit’s crown of being, arguably, the city’s best Thai restaurant. And their location certainly leaves no doubt about their seriousness.

Chaophraya has moved into one of Edinburgh’s best-known restaurant spaces at 33 Castle Street in the New Town. Formerly home to Tony Singh’s Oloroso, the space boasts an eponymous outdoor terrace which is bound to become next summer’s place to be seen. Not to mention the views – guests can enjoy a look at Edinburgh Castle on one side and take in the stunning scenery of the Firth of Forth and Fife on the other.

But what about the food? Chaophraya was founded by Kim Kaewkraikhot from Northern Thailand. Having been a chef herself for 20 years, Kim aims to bring unique tastes of her native country to Edinburgh. However, there are a few nods to Scottish cooking here, too.

Take the Scallops and Black Pudding, for example. Served with fresh mango, red peppers, spring onion, fresh chili and palm sugar, an explosion of flavours is guaranteed. Those looking for more authentic cooking should have a look at the chef’s signature dishes which include Shabu Shabu, a Thai Fisherman’s Soup and Massaman Lamb Curry which is rumoured to be one of the favourite dishes of the Thai Royal Family, dating back to the 16th century.

Last, but not least, there’s the restaurant’s ‘classic’ called Weeping Tiger. This grilled sliced sirloin steak is served on a sizzling plate complete with a hot and tangy chilli dip and drizzled with black pepper sauce.

Having been open for just over two weeks it’s fast becoming the place to dine at. Why don’t you give Chaophraya a try next time you’re visiting Edinburgh?