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Meet Kasia Mazur

You could be forgiven for thinking that Kasia is not a woman of many words as she appears to be quite quiet to those meeting her for the first time. Get to know her a little better, though, and it transpires that she can make herself heard in a number of languages, including Polish, Russian, German and Latin - as well as English.

"My latest language is Japanese", says the 21 year old. "I spend one day a week at university studying the language, and I do spend quite a bit of my spare time watching Japanese cartoons to pick up more."

Originally from Lublin in Eastern Poland, Kasia and her boyfriend came to Edinburgh for the summer a few years ago, but liked the city so much they decided to stay. "Edinburgh feels like a city that has a soul", says the 21-year old. "It's much older than Lublin, and I love the history and architecture.

"Even though I've been here for a few years now, I still enjoy being a tourist from time to time and doing a little sightseeing."

With her boyfriend being a pizza chef, Kasia started working in restaurant kitchens before switching to housekeeping and joined the Chester team in August 2012. So far, it's the best job she's had in the industry: "The team is really great. Everybody is open, approachable and happy to help out when needed. It makes for a great atmosphere, and I'm sure our guests notice that.

"Making sure that each apartment is immaculate can be a bit of a challenge when we have to turn them around between a late check-out and an early check-in, but so far we've always managed. The tricky bits are any glass or chrome surfaces, but it's a really good feeling to look at a sparkling apartment when everything is done."

Whilst Kasia loves her job, working with languages is her long-term goal and she plans to train as a translator - ideally working with Japanese.